Cascade Locks Park Association

 Mustill Store Hours: 


Please Note:

The Mustill Store is open Tuesdays thru Sundays April through October


Please call to request a group program and we will try to accommodate during any season.


The Mustill Store and House are the Park's showcase pieces. Located in their original site at Lock 15, these canal-era buildings are believed to have been built in the 1850s, although the exact date is unknown. Three generations of Mustills serviced canal users until the late 1880s. Their story typifies that of many businesses that sprung up along the canal near the locks. Yet, the family's success and social popularity made this a special place to be.

"When I was a youngster and the canal was booming, my father sold more groceries at Lock 15 than any other grocer in all of Akron. From 50-75 boats would pass every day and in the coming and going they always stocked up at the old lock."
 - Ed Mustill, 1928.